Use What You’ve Got

When I student teaching my former AP teacher told me I should come to a Physics Northwest meeting. PNW meets monthly during the school year at different high schools so teachers from all over can get together for “Phood, Phellowship and Phun”. The host school provides dinner and after an hour teachers get up and… Continue reading Use What You’ve Got

School in a Sitcom Structure

25 minutes. In the length of time it takes to watch a sitcom on Netflix, I’m expected to engage 25-30 students in physics. Time has a funny way of shaping our priorities. This week I started reading Ainissa Ramierez’ book The Alchemy of Us. It is a new release and if you are the kind… Continue reading School in a Sitcom Structure

5 Stages of Pandemic Teaching

I need some space to pause and reflect and I’ve chosen to do it here. Perhaps you might relate to some of these reflections and we can recognize and accept our shared experiences admist these impossible hardships. I’ve been reflecting on the stages of my own emotions and disposition over the last few months. While… Continue reading 5 Stages of Pandemic Teaching


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Hi, I’m Marianna Ruggerio. I’ve taught physics since 2009. I’m incredibly passionate about increasing diversity and equity in physics, as well as mentorship of preservice and novice teachers. Here you will find me sharing my classroom ideas, reflections and making Physics Education Research tangible for fellow high school teachers.

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