In My Class Today


When Rita Pierson’s TED talk “Teach Like a Champion” popped up, it quickly became THE teacher inspiration video of the year, and for one simple reason: it resonated. Probably the biggest part of resonance of her speech was when she lists the aspects of this job that are not the greatest, but we “teach anyway”. She ends it with “We’re educators. We’re born to make a difference.”

We know that, our kids know that, and you know what? Every single person who has been through the school system knows that. But this job is also the biggest job where that work goes mostly unrecognized until someones speaks up.

And that’s ok, because that’s not why we go into this job. If you went into this job for fame and fortune well….you had no clue what teaching in America really is. Folks who want those things typically leave teaching to pursue other avenues. If you can set up sweet speaking and consulting gigs, that’s probably the fastest route to “rich and famous” in the education world. But the problem with those gigs is that you lose the opportunity to be the person making a difference in a developing person’s life. Someone who doesn’t know who they are or where they’re going to go yet. If you go for those gigs, you may not get to see the long-term effects of your work because you don’t have the opportunity to develop sustained relationships.

Today. I was recognized. And it means a lot.

I have a lot of words and feelings about that, but the one I want to express the most is that it means a lot because it shows the community one more example of someone committed to their kids. That’s huge where I live.

I’m just gonna say though, it was the HOTTEST most HUMID day of the school year so far! My room was already 80 degrees with 79% humidity. My hair is super frizzy, and worst of all my son bashed my nose super hard the day before so it’s SWOLLEN AND he busted my classes, so they are being held together with some window foam tape and caulk…yeah…not the day.

Anyway, here is the link to the article with the news clip from the 5pm news attached at the bottom of the page.

I was a little bummed they clipped the part where I shared that there are so many amazing teachers in the building, as well as the part where I shared that my successes are because of my amazing community (especially twitter) because none of us is excellent in a bubble.

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