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17 Lives is the Only Thing That Matters

There are certain times where I feel strongly and deeply about an issue and trapped at the same time. This week is one of them. There is an unrelated post sitting in my drafts in part, because I have considered making it a vlog post, rather than a written one and in part because I know how it will be received. At the core of that message and this one is one thing: exhausted frustration.

I am tired of every issue being an either/or and I am tired of every politicized issue meaning one part of one thing in one party and a different part of the same thing in another. Why is there no party that simply cares for people?

As the human race, as the most advanced, complex, highest-order being on this planet, we are wired to lean on each other and to sacrifice and care for one another and to do so with empathy.

The tragic school shootings are not an either/or. This cannot be mental health/parenting/reporting vs gun laws. It’s both.

I have contention with some other either/or issues split down party lines, but that is another post.

None of the problems we are faced with are going to be solved by arguing each other and blaming a single issue. The only thing we can do is come together, accept the brokenness of humanity, the brokenness of our laws, the brokenness of our systems and consider for just a moment that maybe there are aspects of both arguments that are wrong and aspects of both arguments that are correct. At the end of the day, there is one truth: we need change and we need action.

17 people died this past week. Hundreds of their loved ones, friends and peers have been irreparably affected and the social media world blows up with the classic arguments, inevitably tearing each other down insisting the other side is wrong.

17 people died and the rest of the unaffected world is at each other’s virtual throats over the right thing to do.

17 futures stopped Wednesday and too many of us are now consumed with a personal conviction that aligns to a political party and are more concerned with the future of our followers than the lives directly impacted.

This is not happening worldwide, and so yes, we are doing something wrong. It’s time to take a step back, swallow our pride, and come together and be human.


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